NFWBA Match News

NFWBA Match News


NFWBA V NFBAPosted by Janet Prince Fri, August 12, 2016 17:35:12
This fixture was well supported and I know a number of ladies were disappointed that they were not selected for this game of friendly rivalry.

A convincing win for the ladies this year. Well done everyone.

NFWBA 116 NFBA 97.

A hot meal was provided by the New Milton Ladies. By the number of empty plates I think it was very much appreciated.

This was the last friendly of the season. Thank you to all the clubs that put names forward for selection. It was good to see Assocition Badges presented at most fixtures this year. It was disappointing that a few clubs sent no players to any of the games. Hopefully all clubs in NFWBA will support the fixtures next year.